Physical Therapy is considered an essential service and LSPT always had the authority to remain open throughout the lockdown mandated by Governor Abbot. I decided to close March and April in an effort to flatten the curve and allow front-line facilities that needed PPE to be able to access those materials. As the curve has flattened, so the supply chain of PPE has strengthened and we are able to source PPE without depriving front-line facilities. As such, we feel that we can now provide physical therapy services to the majority of patients in a low risk environment. Those that are considered high-risk for contracting the coronavirus should consult their physician before making any decisions to leave your home, including medical visits.

New treatment criteria:

Before entering the clinic, all patients will have their temperature taken and will be asked all pertinent safety questions related to Covid-19. They will then wash their hands thoroughly before treatment begins. Therapists will wear a mask and gloves throughout the treatment and will replace them between patients. All surfaces, including workout equipment, that each patient touches will be disinfected before the next patient is allowed to use it. I have reduced visits to one patient per hour, per therapist compared to the usual two patients per hour in an effort to control social distancing.

I believe the measures outlined above will allow us to enter phase 1 of the re-opening of the economy as safe as is possible.


Iain MacGregor, Owner, Lakeway Sports Physical Therapy

We are aware that there is an abundance of information available regarding Covid-19, but the link below outlines the measures the American Physical Therapy Association is currently recommending.