Athletic Performance

  • FitLight Training System

    The FITLIGHT training system is a reaction training system that uses LED lights to simulate game-like scenarios for all sports and training plans. The system gathers unique data for each athlete to track your enhanced performance over time.

  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill with Stride Smart Technology

    The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is an innovative NASA-patented technology that utilizes pressurized air to unload your body weight by up to 80%. Additionally, the Stride Smart Technology enables us to gather real-time data on your stride length, weight distribution, and stance time on each foot. This enables you to recover safely and correct any faulty movements within your walking or running gait.

  • Sport Specific Training Programs

    Our unique facility has been designed to simulate nearly any sport to enhance your performance in a simiar environment. Each session is tailored to incorporate fun and competitive games to build the motivation and desire to thrive under pressure.

World Class Athletic Performance

You have the dedication, desire, and drive to become the best at your sport. However, you know that your competitors are always training just as hard. How do you gain the competitive edge? Let LSPT show you. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools so that you can train SMARTER instead of harder.

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are the specialists when it comes to movement. Our knowledge of your unique movement skills allows us to enhance your performance and optimize your movement efficiency. Our Athletic Performance programs are specifically tailored to you so that you can overcome your weaknesses while improving upon your strengths. Each program works to elevate your game based off your unique attributes and goals. Athletic Performance programs at LSPT will improve your speed, agility, strength, quickness, and mobility while utilizing the latest technology like the FitLight and AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill – the best sports performance technology used by the world’s top athletes (see video on the left).

Every program at LSPT begins with an Athletic Performance Assessment which has been specifically designed with the latest sports performance research so that you will enhance your performance, optimize your efficiency, and gain the knowledge required to gain the competitive edge. Imagine what you will feel like when your game is taken to the next level: Picture the game slowing down because you have sped up; Your competitors will be reacting to you instead of you reacting to them; Smarter recovery after practices and games; Becoming a leader on the team and knowing that you have the knowledge, tools, and Physical Therapists at your disposal to help you become the best version of you. Sound like your perfect Athletic Performance Coach? See the list to learn about the benefits of joining the #PlayForever Team at LSPT!